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Hull squad seek advice over summer wage cuts

Hull city's squad will hold further talks with the Professional Footballers' Association in the coming days after being asked to defer a proportion of their wages over the summer.

Players met with the PFA -- represented by ex-Tigers defender Richard Jobson -- yesterday and expressed a willingness to support the plan, which would see their wages reduced by a reported 30pc in the short term, on the understanding they would be fully repaid once the club's finances are back on a more even keel.

Those players whose contracts contain wage cuts based on relegation have also been asked to bring those reductions forward as the club, who also held talks with Phil Brown over his future, seek to ease a £38.9m wage bill.

Chairman Russell Bartlett claims the figure will automatically fall to £21m on June 30, when some contracts and loan deals end and any wage cut clauses come into effect, but he is keen to reduce it closer to £15m to combat a debt of around £35m.

PFA deputy chief executive John Bramhall said: We've spoken to all the players, we're now fully aware of the situation with regards to contracts, it's just the financial details from the club that we're waiting for.

"In many situations in the past where clubs have been in similar financial positions, the players have been prepared to work with the club and move forward, and, if it's a justifiable case, then the PFA would support them. As soon as we get the information on the club's finances, we'll be in contact with the players."

Brown remains on gardening leave having seen his duties handed to Iain Dowie on a temporary basis for the final nine games of the season.

The 50-year-old's £1.4m annual salary is one of the biggest financial liabilities facing the club, and a return to his role is surely unthinkable -- leaving a settlement the only realistic option.