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Hughes: Refs need to up game

QPR manager Mark Hughes believes something must be done to eradicate the woeful blunders that could cost someone their Premier League place.

Just weeks after Clint Hill's goal-that-never-was at Bolton and 24 hours after Wigan suffered two horrendous mistakes from the officials at Chelsea, it was QPR's turn to suffer again.

Referee Lee Mason sent Shaun Derry off for his first-half challenge on Ashley Young, even though the Manchester United winger was clearly offside when he collected Wayne Rooney's through ball and contact with the Rangers defender appeared minimal at worst.

"This weekend they (the officials) haven't covered themselves in glory," Hughes said.


"These are massive decisions that affect people's livelihoods and the fans of clubs who are dear to their hearts.

"Decisions are not being correctly made and they are affecting too many people. The referee was too quick to put his whistle to his mouth. The kid was still rolling around and he had already given a penalty. His assistant didn't have the opportunity to put his flag up. I don't know what the answer is. They are a professional body now and they have the opportunity to review performances.

"At the moment, possibly they do not have enough numbers of the right quality," added Hughes, who confirmed QPR would appeal. "You worry more about decisions going against you. You should have confidence that the referee will get the key decisions right. Lately, a lot of managers have lost faith in them."