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Hughes: Moses no cheat

Stoke manager Mark Hughes has expressed concern Victor Moses may now earn himself an unwarranted reputation in light of being labelled 'a cheat' by Swansea boss Garry Monk.

Monk has been asked to explain his remarks by the English Football Association after claiming Moses "should be done for diving, for cheating" in the wake of winning a penalty in Stoke's 2-1 Premier League home win over Swansea on Sunday.

Monk further stated Moses "should be ashamed of himself", even though a photograph clearly shows Moses' shirt being pulled by Angel Rangel, leading to the penalty awarded by Michael Oliver.

Although Moses appeared to go to ground too easily, in Hughes' mind contact was made.

Despite the furore surrounding the incident, whilst Hughes is confident Moses will not be affected, he is worried as to whether people's perceptions of the 23-year-old midfielder will alter.

"Victor's a strong character anyway," said Hughes. "You need to recognise when these things are levelled against you, and I thought it (Monk's comment) was unjust and not correct."