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Hughes hat in the ring for Celtic job

MARK HUGHES would not price himself out of the Celtic job, according to his regular assistant Mark Bowen.

The former Manchester City manager has been linked with the Parkhead vacancy following the departure of Tony Mowbray last week.

And Bowen – Hughes’ number two at both Blackburn and City – insists he has the credentials for the hotseat at the Hoops.

“We’re not in the business of just going in and getting a fat cheque and thinking, ‘Well, if things go wrong we’ll be out in a year’s time and we’ll go somewhere else’,” said Bowen.


“Mark has always said it has to be the right vehicle, the right situation. He’s always been a manager or coach who wants to go in and build a place and make a difference long term.

“His talents are widely recognised and since City we’ve been waiting for the right opportunity.

“In that sense, I suppose we were expecting this speculation and it’s a pleasant expectation to see that he’s been linked with the Celtic post.

“Mark’s credentials are there for all to see.”