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How to distract an Irish footballer? Playboy beauties in the showers...

WHAT'S sure to distract an Irish footballer? How about a gaggle of Playboy models in the team's showers?

I recently travelled to Poznan, where we play Croatia on June 10 and Italy on June 18 in Euro 2012.

The stadium is very impressive, holding around 43,000 supporters with bright blue seats, an underground garage for VIPs and a luxury box.

But what I didn't expect from my guide was to hear that Playboy models had recently finished a photo shoot in the showers.

The latest Polish Playboy is flying off the shelves. And this will be the same jacuzzi and changing area where the Boys In Green will be stripping off on June 10 and 18. The guide told me: "The girls spent about three hours posing for pictures, there were naked Playboy girls everywhere."

I also visited the stunning gothic city of Gdansk where we face Spain on June 14, a six-hour train journey from Poznan.

The beer and vodka taste great, food is heavy, dumplings and pork, and the beef isn't the best. Pastries and cakes are amazing. It will be hot during the summer, with temperatures of 30C plus.

Poznan has a population of over 500,000 in a country of 40m people. The city fell to the Nazis in the Second World War and the hotel I stayed in was used to accommodate German troops.

My room costs €50 a night and the hotel have said all rooms are booked for the month of June.

Other hotels have admitted prices have gone up to about 1200 Zloty a night -- about €300 -- during the Irish games.

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