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Houllier forgives but will Dunne?

GERARD Houllier has forgiven Richard Dunne for his late night bonding session rant -- but the big question now is whether the feeling is mutual.

Dunne and James Collins were both disciplined by Villa without the exact nature of the punishment being revealed and Houllier is now ready to forgive but maybe not forget.

"I have got a long capacity of forgiveness which is very useful in football," said Houllier.

"I trust players, I trust people. I think I can be tough but I am a nice man.

"I'm not bullying, I'm not shouting and sometimes I try to understand. But trust is always two ways.

"I don't take anything personally. I feel sorry what happened for the club and the fans. Players are young, sometimes they make mistakes and then they regret the mistakes."

Dunne was widely tipped for a January transfer window exit after a training ground clash with Houllier's assistant Gary McAllister.

However, his salary was a major stumbling block for interested managers and it may be that Dunne will have to lower his expectations to get away from Villa this summer.