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Hodgson warns of Long's threat

ROY HODGSON fears one of his former pupils, Shane Long, has the ability to hurt England at Wembley tonight and spoil the 150th anniversary celebrations for the FA.

Long was brought to West Brom by Hodgson for £7m and the current England supremo reckons that the Tipperary man, who starts up front alongside Robbie Keane to win his 36th cap, can get even better.

"Shane Long is a very, very good player. I was delighted we signed him at West Brom," Hodgson said.

"He did exceptionally well in the year I worked with him and he did well there last year. I think he's getting better and better.

"He's still relatively young, he came into professional football late. He's had a meteoric rise but I think there's a big margin of progression in Shane Long.

"I hope tonight he's not going to produce the form I know he's capable of because if he does, he's going to give our centre-backs a test."