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Hodgson hits back at 'Dark Ages' slur


Roy Hodgson Picture: Tim Ireland/PA Wire.

Roy Hodgson Picture: Tim Ireland/PA Wire.

Roy Hodgson Picture: Tim Ireland/PA Wire.

ROY HODGSON has hit back at critics who slammed England's performance against Ireland on Wednesday.

Former England striker Gary Lineker castigated the tactics used during the 1-1 draw at Wembley which he felt marked a return to the "Dark Ages".

It left Hodgson rather perplexed, because he felt England had done well.

"I'm not attempting to change opinions. If you think we played poorly, go away and write it," he said. "Don't expect me to sit here and satisfy you by agreeing, I think we played quite well."

When Lineker's comments were mentioned, Hodgson said: "Oh well, that's a pity. What are the Dark Ages?

"Basically, when we lost the ball we were asking at least one of the front players to make certain he drops back and helps out in midfield. Just like Borussia Dortmund did in the final."

The reference to Borussia Dortmund raised an eyebrow.

Not for the first time this week, Hodgson was forced into a hasty clarification.

"I'm just talking 4-4-2s," he said. "I'm not comparing us to any team. We don't play like Borussia Dortmund. We play like England. We play up to the principles that we work on in the training session."

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that England's friendly with Brazil at the Maracana on Sunday will go ahead after a judge reversed a ruling that the stadium was unsafe.