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Here we go...wheels in motion on the Herald's bus to Poznan

ALL aboard the Herald bus to Poznan.

We're on our way. To boldly go where nobody from Ireland has gone since the class of '88.

Back then it was travellers cheques, Walkmans and inflatable hammers. Now, 24 years later, it's credit cards, iPhone chargers and inflatable hammers.

But panic packing of every green T-shirt I have aside (it's seven, for the record), the day has finally arrived.

There isn't a single copy of the Lonely Planet's Guide To Poland left in Eason's on O'Connell Street. Every second taxi in town has its wing mirror covered with a tricolour and TV sales have hit their highest level since the recession started.

The summer we've waited for since the wonderful night in Estonia is finally here and with it the typical Irish downpours.

But for those of us lucky enough to be swapping the rain sodden streets of Dublin for the 23C heat of Poznan, the real adventure starts today.

And judging by the crowds in the airport this morning Joxer is well equipped with his phrase book, his sunscreen and his insatiable enthusiasm.

Joining the masses were 43 of Trap's recruits, who will spend the next 12 days travelling on the Topflight/Evening Herald coach.

We set off from Terminal 2 onboard Aer Lingus flight EI330 at 7.20am for Berlin where the real journey on the rocky road will begin.

Ahead of us is a four-and-a- half hour drive to the Polish town of Pila which will be our base for the first five days of Euro 2012. For the next two weeks we are unlikely to hear anything of Mick Wallace's tax problems, Adam Clayton's €3m, John Travolta's alleged gay affair or Spain's bailout.

Instead, it will be about Euro survival of a different kind.

One where we hope the Spaniards implode.

Topics of debate will include Shay Given's calf problems, Trapattoni's pay packet and, of course, the WAGs.

The Green Army who travelled out early have already made their presence felt with the jovial singing at the English team hotel.

And Trap need not fear, the reinforcements are on the way.