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Guaranteed Irish -- Trap

GIOVANNI Trapattoni will stick with a guaranteed Irish policy as he builds a new squad to take on the Euro 2012 qualifiers -- and that means no place for Jamie O'Hara or any other potential recruits available under Fifa's revised eligibility rules.

James McCarthy, Greg Cunningham, Seamus Coleman and Keith Treacy will be at the centre of Trapattoni's efforts to broaden the base of the Irish squad, which means that there will be no dual elgibility recruits for the forseeable future.

This policy is totally at odds with Trapattoni's comments immediately after the play-off defeat in Paris, when he claimed that the possibilities suggested by the Fifa rule change could be crucial in adding much-needed new blood to the mix.

"No, no, no. There is no possibility at the moment. We only look for the potential Irish without O'Hara because it is very dangerous for them, for their club and for the England team," said Trap, causing some initial confusion which was quickly clarified by an FAI spokesman.

It seems that Trapattoni has decided to stick with young Irish-born players making waves in the Premier League and Championship and believes that media attention for O'Hara or Mark Noble is causing problems for them at their clubs -- particularly because they have already played for England at some level.

Trapattoni has admitted to some frustration that the Irish players who performed so well for him throughout the World Cup qualification series have faded into the background at their clubs

"I am sometimes surprised when Marco or I are asked why our players are playing with the national team but not their club team. I cannot speak about the English team managers or the other managers because that is for newspapers. Steven Reid does not play. For me it is interesting that a player plays for Ireland but does not play for his club. I see many games but Glenn Whelan does not play. Why is Andrews not playing?"

These are the problems that Trapattoni will have to grapple with, now that he is fully re-engaged in his job after a three month spell pock-marked with speculation about his future.

With a relatively handy Euro 2012 group to plan for, Trapattoni was keen to move on to the work required to cope with Russia, Slovakia, FYR Macedonia, Armenia and Andorra.

"I know world football and normally when I work, I concentrate only on my opponent. I will begin to concentrate on my next opponent in the future but I know the famous players, the Russian players or the others. It's not that important now. We have four, five or six months before the first game.

"I pass my day with three or four hours watching DVDs. I see many English games for our younger players for the future. If you want to achieve in the future it is important that in the summer we can bring in players to a camp. Then we can look at other options."

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