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Greene: Players are doing all they can for the club


Seán Maguire of Cork City (right) in action against Hugh Douglas of Bray Wanderers

Seán Maguire of Cork City (right) in action against Hugh Douglas of Bray Wanderers

Seán Maguire of Cork City (right) in action against Hugh Douglas of Bray Wanderers

The Bray Wanderers players maintain they are not trying to play their way out of the club amid financial concerns over their futures.

But the squad, who showed a lot of mettle at home to league leaders and champions-elect Cork City yesterday, though going down 2-0, are still unsure if they will be at the club when the transfer window closes later this month.

The club's owners have still not given them assurances about the proposed new financial backing.

Bray found themselves 1-0 down early on at home to Cork, when Sean Maguire rose high to head a Steven Beattie cross past keeper Peter Cherrie.

Wanderers struggled to keep up with Cork in the first half but had more shape and threat in the second half, though Maguire did hit the woodwork with a shot, before the Cork striker, playing his last game in Ireland before his move to Preston, set up Jimmy Keohane to make it 2-0 on 84 minutes.


Bray boss Harry Kenny praised his players for their ability to stand up to Cork - this was City's eight straight league win - in spite of the financial woes.

But those woes have not gone away. "All we are asking for are assurances, but we're not getting them," says Aaron Greene, a key man for Bray yesterday.

"Every player in our dressing room is in the same position. It's not about players getting out of the club, it's about players looking for stability, that's all we want.

"There has been some mis-communication about our status, people says I am on the transfer list but I'm not, I have an 18-month contract with this club.

"Will the players still be here in a week or a month? Who knows? I can't answer that, Harry (Kenny) can't answer that, the only people who can answer the question are not answering it.

"I am paid to play football and it was great to get out on the pitch and play. No one could look at our game yesterday and say that we're not bothered.

"We wanted to play that game yesterday, we wanted to be the first team in the league to beat Cork this year, they are the best team in the country by a long way.

"It was a good distraction for us to get out there and play, with all the off-pitch stuff going on. And we didn't throw in the towel, we showed in parts that we are a good side but Cork were the better team," added Greene.

Bray boss Harry Kenny says he understands the concerns of the squad.

"It's their livelihood. It's like in any job. If there is uncertainty you are going to be concerned. I'm with the players on that. There is no issue," he says.

"The investment is there according to the directors of the club. The lads are just looking for a guarantee on that. I'm hoping that might materialise this week. I'm very optimistic."