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Grant's wife shrugs off brothel story

AS befits a woman famous for drinking her urine and bathing in liquid chocolate and spaghetti live on television, Tzofit Grant had an idiosyncratic response yesterday to the news that her husband was seen visiting a Thai massage parlour near Portsmouth's training ground last December.

The story that a Premier League manager had been caught visiting a brothel broke on December 23, but it was not until yesterday, after a freedom-of-speech ruling last week that allowed newspapers to report on John Terry's extramarital activities, that the man was named as Avram Grant.

The 54-year-old was reported to have spent more than an hour inside before leaving in a chauffeur-driven car.

"He phoned me to warn me about the publication and my response was 'Yes, and?'" Tzofit Grant, a television presenter, told a radio station in her native Israel. "If he has gone to a brothel, it is no one's business."


Tzofit has been married to the former Chelsea coach for 16 years and they have two children. She defended his action as a form of stress relief for the manager of the top flight's worst side.

"He's the Portsmouth manager and it's a tough job," she said. "He needs a massage not from one women but two. Morning and night. He's a great manager with amazing potential who is stuck in a s****y team.

"The fact he chose to have a massage doesn't make it a brothel. If he had a good time there as well, that's cool. It was in broad daylight and he walked in there wearing a Portsmouth tracksuit and came out of there smiling because he had nothing to hide. Do you think he would have done that if that was a brothel?"

Not that her opinion of brothels is necessarily negative. "You men need it," she said. "I only feel sorry for the women involved ... I'm not cross with him about this kind of rubbish but only about one thing -- and I told him that. I'm cross that he doesn't start every morning and end every night with a massage."