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Glazers stand to pocket fortune in United sale

MALCOLM Glazer will pocket an astonishing £700m profit if Qatar Holdings Group is successful with a new £1.6 billion (€2 billion) bid to buy Manchester United.

The Qatari royal family is behind the latest move and with money no object, they are confident that this latest attempt to prise United loose from the Glazers will bear fruit.

United spokesman Phil Townsend claimed there has been no approach but whatever happens in the Old Trafford Boardroom, Bobby Charlton believes that Alex Ferguson will rule the roost for as long as he wants, with both sides of Manchester preparing for the most significant derby game in some time.

"Alex can go on as long as he wants. There's no body language to suggest he's not enjoying every minute now, like he always has done. He's just a genius at what he does. And he'll continue.

"He's brought so many teams through and at the moment he'll be thinking of what's next - it's marvellous."