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Gio's full of Fergie love as he ducks Napoli talk

GIOVANNI TRAPATTONI has wished Alex Ferguson all the best for his retirement but shows no sign of following in his footsteps any time soon.

"Alex Ferguson, my friend, I wish to give the best regards about his decision, his life. He has chosen to do the other things in other positions in football. Football has lost one of the best, a great manager who won all that is possible to win in football and it put him at the peak of football managers," said Trap.

Asked about comments published over the weekend in Italy suggesting he was interested in taking over at Napoli, he dismissed it all as 'speculation'.

"I don't know if you are friends with reporters in Italy. In Italy your colleague asks 'what you do tomorrow?'. Only God knows what can happen tomorrow. At this moment, my job is Ireland, 100 per cent. I don't allow distraction. At this moment, no. Napoli. It's speculation. There has been no approach."

He has named a 28-man squad for upcoming friendly games against England, Georgia and Spain and the World Cup qualifier against the Faroe Islands but there is no place for Kevin Doyle, Joey O'Brien and Ciarán Clark who are all injured and lining up summer surgery.

Richard Dunne's position is less certain. His contract runs out in a matter of weeks, yet Trapattoni appeared to suggest that Aston Villa still have some role to play in his release for international duty.

"He is a big question for us. He is one year out with injury and surgery and never played. I was in touch and spoke with him and asked him. I said if he can play one or two games in the league we will follow him because we want to see him back.

"He told me he had started training last week and feels well but didn't know when he would be ready to play. At this moment we couldn't put him in the squad because he is maybe one year or six months without playing.

"The more important thing is that his club must say to us, because he is injured can Richard come with us or not? We need the permission. If there is an agreement he could come in and train with us. The club decides whether to release him or whether he should stay and recover.

"He is 10 months without playing. Training is okay and if Richard was 21 or 22 like McCarthy, I'm sure after a week training, he can also do 45 minutes in a game.

"If fit sure, but he is not fit at this moment. We have other defenders who need to grow."