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Gerrard took his eye off the ball at Ibrox


Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard

Big things were expected of Steven Gerrard when he went to Rangers, but it's not going to plan for him or the club.

If Scottish football goes ahead this weekend, Rangers could be 16 points behind Celtic, that's if Celtic win the Old Firm game on Sunday.

It's not been a good period for Gerrard and particularly since the winter break they have struggled. When they beat Celtic just after Christmas they probably started to think they had made it, that they had overtaken Celtic and it was just a matter of turning up for the rest of the season.

But they have quickly found out that when you are on top, people are trying to find you out, they put in that little bit extra effort to catch you out.

I see a Rangers side who took the foot off the gas and have been found out, they had a good run in Europe which probably harmed them domestically.

Celtic have that experience of grinding out league titles while trying to compete in Europe but Rangers lacked that, they had no answer.

Gerrard has gone on about how disappointed he is, how he needs to rethink things for himself. He should be looking for them to regroup as a unit, instead of just focusing on himself.