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Gerrard: This may be best chance to nick title

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard admits the thought of winning the Premier League title is a scary one but believes the achievement would undoubtedly top his Champions League-winning heroics.

The 33-year-old midfielder is excited by the prospect of this season being his best chance to win the only domestic honour which has eluded him. However, he would "snap your hand off" for a fourth-place finish – even if he feels the club can achieve better.

Liverpool were top on Christmas Day but are fourth going into the weekend, six points behind Arsenal. Nevertheless, Gerrard has high hopes.

"This is probably my best chance to ... maybe nick the Premier League," he said.

"It scares me in a way because I don't know how I'd handle myself. I think it would top the Champions League because it is the one I haven't got."

Gerrard admits, though, that what is most important is regaining top four status.

"I'd take fourth now," he said.

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