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Gerrard: Judge us after final

LIVERPOOL captain Steven Gerrard admits Saturday's FA Cup final will define his club's season.

Wembley success has so far compensated for a miserable league performance, and Gerrard believes the campaign will be perceived more favourably if that continues against Chelsea.

Liverpool's American owners arrived on Merseyside on Wednesday and will decide whether the failure to compete for the Champions League spot can be so easily forgiven.

For Gerrard, the answer is simple if he lifts more silverware at Wembley.

"This club is all about winning trophies, big trophies, and the FA Cup comes under that," said Gerrard.

"We will assess the season after the weekend. If we can look back and say we have won two cups, then we will be happy.

"But we need to address the problem of our league position. We are all aware we have underachieved in the league and the squad of players is certainly better than where we are.

"We will assess the season and if we win two trophies I think it would alleviate the pressure slightly.

"People will judge us after Saturday. People will say 'you haven't done well in the league' but we can say 'yes, but we have won two cups'. I think that's a fair argument.

"Winning breeds confidence and you want more. That's what we want on Saturday. We hope it can kick-start us for next season. Winning big trophies breeds a lot of confidence and belief."