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Future stars show stuff

THE Future Stars of the NDSL were shining bright in the Oscar Traynor Coaching Centre last Saturday morning as some youngsters got their first taste of what next season – their first in the league – will be like.

Organised by the NDSL's Dave Davis, eight teams from seven different clubs were represented in the blitz on the day with development and fun being the two key objectives throughout.

Dave said: "There are no trophies as the idea is not to have winners and losers, it's just to enjoy the experience of the day.

"The important thing is that all attending, both young and old, enjoy the day and that our young players go home with a positive experience."

Dave was also quick to remind all managers, coaches and parents that the players were only young kids who are in their very early development in playing sport, and that any negative shouting at the kids would not be tolerated.

Once again this is an idea which certain clubs in England have brought into their every day practises and it is something that will only benefit the young players as they get older.

On the day there were two pitches with games going on beside each other throughout, meaning there was as little standing around time as possible.

Clubs present on the day included Swords Celtic, Swords Manor, Woodlawn Sportslink, Rivermeade, Artane Beaumont, Stamullen FC, and two teams from Ratoath Harps.

Each team played four games, meaning all kids got a great amount of time to enjoy themselves and all clubs and players enjoyed the day.

There were plenty of impressive skills on show too, with 56 goals scored in the 16 games.