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Friedel: Villa revolt reports 'laughable'

Aston Villa keeper Brad Friedel has rubbished suggestions of a player revolt against boss Gerard Houllier.

Friedel and other members of the squad were reported to be unhappy at new rules allegedly brought in by Houllier, including the banning of mobile phones in the dressing room.

But Friedel is adamant this is not the case and also claims the vast majority of rules set out for the players to adhere to have been in force for many years.

The American said: "There has been a set of rules here for as long as I have been at the club as there is at every club and probably most, if not all, work environments.

"The suggestion that I am in revolt -- or any player is in revolt -- over new rules is laughable.

"There are no new rules of any substance that I am aware of and the vast majority of what is in the rule book was agreed years ago."

Friedel added: "Supporters need to know there is nothing in this story.

"I'm committed to the club and our objectives and I've trained all week with my team-mates who are not involved in the internationals."