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Four clubs now in UEFA firing line

UEFA has opened disciplinary proceedings against Arsenal, Galatasaray, Basle and Borussia Dortmund following crowd disturbances during Wednesday night's Champions League ties.

An updated statement on UEFA's website, issued yesterday evening, added a reference to Arsenal's charge for what is understood to be a minor possible sanction

Several flares were thrown onto the pitch from the section where the 3,000-strong travelling Galatasaray supporters were located towards the end of the first half at the Emirates Stadium, causing the Group D match against Arsenal to be halted for a brief period.

Metropolitan Police confirmed there had been six arrests as part of their operation for the European tie in north London, two of which were for entering the ground with flares.

UEFA view it as the home side's responsibility to search supporters for any illegal items before they come into the stadium.

At St Jakob Park, a battery appeared to be thrown in the direction of the assistant referee near to the Basle goal during the tie with Liverpool, while at Anderlecht's stadium, flares were lit in the area housing travelling Borussia Dortmund fans.

If found guilty, the clubs could be hit by a fine from the European governing body, or be ordered to play matches behind close doors.

All three cases will be dealt by the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body on October 16.