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Finn: I'm back with Rovers to win more


Shamrock Rovers' Ronan Finn

Shamrock Rovers' Ronan Finn

Shamrock Rovers' Ronan Finn

He has left behind the champions and the chance to play Champions League football next season but Ronan Finn is adamant that he's not finished winning league medals.

And the midfielder, who turns 29 today, says he is buying into a "project" at his new club Shamrock Rovers which he hopes will lead to success.

Finn was, according to his new boss Stephen Bradley, the stand-out midfielder in the league and it was expected that Finn would sign a new deal with Dundalk, but yesterday the ex-Rovers player was unveiled.

Rovers finished 22 points behind Dundalk in 2016 but Finn sees the potential there for the Hoops to close in on the champions.

"The gap has to be bridged," says Finn. "Cork pushed on last year and they have really upped their game. There is no doubt that Dundalk will be strong next year but I'm looking at the lads who have remained here and the lads who have been signed and that was a factor coming to Rovers.

"I like what's happening here. You want to play with good players and good professionals. If you buy into that you strike the right note and everyone is looking at Damien Duff, Stephen McPhail, Stephen Bradley - professionals in the game who have done really well - and they are going to strive to make sure that happens and it has to happen.

"When I signed for Rovers (2011) they had just won the league and it was important for me to go into a club and retain that title as you do feel that sense of pressure, everyone wants to beat the champions.

"Now I'm coming back where I'm at a stage where this club is taking off again. I think the platform for this club is so far ahead of everyone else. I'd never come into a team to be happy to finish fighting for a European place - I'm coming into a team, a squad, a club that wants to win the league."