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1. Pizza-gate: Ferguson was struck by a slice of pizza in a tunnel food-fight at Old Trafford in October 2004 following United's 2-0 win over Arsenal. Ferguson says he has no idea who the culprit was, although he heard it could have been Cesc Fabregas.

2. Link with Elite Sports Group: Was the link with Elite - through his son Jason - a mistake as was raised by Coolmore in their 99 questions list and prompted the investigation that led to a seven-year refusal to speak to the BBC? It may not have been an impropriety as alleged, but was the relationship too close?

3. December 2005: Keane's MUTV meltdown was only one part of the a disastrous end to the year. United sponsor Vodafone walked away and the club were turfed out of the Champions League in the group stages, throwing them in to turmoil. There is no mention of this.

4. Ronaldinho: In 2003, following the sale of David Beckham to Real Madrid, Ferguson had money to burn. He says he had agreed a £19million deal with Barcelona for Ronaldinho. The player agreed to sign and then reneged on the deal. No reason is given for the U-turn.

5. Rock of Gibraltar: The row that threatened to rip the club apart gets scant mention. In his press conference, Ferguson confirmed a deal with former majority shareholders John Magnier and JP McManus means he could not discuss it.

6. Mesut Ozil: Wayne Rooney wanted him. Ferguson says he was not on his radar. No mention of his visit to watch Ozil play in the weeks before the German moved to Real Madrid.

7. Health: Ferguson speaks of the nose bleeds he suffered in Glasgow in 2012 as being a warning. Dave Whelan said in public shortly afterwards it would be the end. Is that true?

8. Carlos Tevez: Surprisingly little about the actual move the Argentinian made across the great divide to win titles at both clubs, nor is there any mention of the 'Welcome to Manchester' poster that City put up in Manchester following the striker's transfer.

9. Ferguson speech: Many of Ferguson's younger players have spoken about the impact of his speech after United had lost their title in agonising circumstances in 2012. Ferguson talks about the title, but not the speech.

10. Vieira bid: Ferguson says in the book that he instructed Peter Kenyon to enquire about the availability of Arsenal midfielder Patrick Vieira. But when Ferguson bumped into David Dein, the Gunners chairman claimed he had not received an offer.