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Fergie's cheap dig at former players

Keane chose not to go to the unveiling of Alex Ferguson statute at Old Trafford. Was he invited?

"I think I did, yeah. Did he have a do at Old Trafford? Did we have a do at the cricket as well?"

"I don't think he invited me. It was probably his committee or his son or whatever but why would I go to that? That was all power and control."

Power and control?

"So, he comes in and we're all standing clapping and he's: 'I've got you where you want you"!

Ferguson said that hardest part of your body was your tongue.

"Well I kick pretty hard," he laughed. "I think it was a cheap dig. He was never critical when we were winning trophies and he was getting his new contracts, getting this after him. What else, Sir this.

"He was not pulling me or other players, saying listen, you need to relax a bit. That was the game and I appreciate the game. The game finished but it was all the carry-on afterwards."