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Fergie set to 'tweak' his squad

ALEX FERGUSON will 'tweak' his title winning team this summer and confirmed that he has been tracking targets for two seasons.

Manchester United have already completed the signing of Crystal Palace winger Wilfried Zaha and it is clear other targets are being monitored.

"Your scouting goes on for a full season, sometimes two seasons," Ferguson said.

"You want to see how someone does the next season."

"That is the process we go through. We have some ideas where we are going. Hopefully we can conclude them," he added.

Big names have been have been linked with Manchester United for months with Robert Lewandowski, Radamel Falcao and Gareth Bale dominating speculation.

Yesterday, executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward indicated there was no need for United to spend huge amounts of money this summer.

Ferguson agreed, hinting there have been times this year when he has been trying to manage too many players.

"Tweak is the right word," he said. "We maybe look at one or two bodies to come in.

"You have to remember we have a lot of young players we expect to improve. We have to take that into consideration."

"We also have to consider the ages of some players and protect that part. In the main, we know where we are. We are comfortable. We have fantastic strength in depth.



"That is the area where we don't want to confuse ourselves, otherwise you end up with too many players and trying to keep them all happy. It has happened a few times this season."

Ferguson is presently preparing for Sunday's meeting with Europa League finalists Chelsea, and old adversary Rafael Benitez, knowing the Londoners are stuck between trying to win a trophy and qualifying for the Champions League.

"He is very concerned about his CV. He refers to it quite a lot," said Ferguson.

"But you can't dispute the fact he has done a good job in the last few weeks.

"I can't be easy, listening to pressure from the fans all the time. They have eased up. It has allowed him to relax and they have produced some good results. The key to it is that the fans have settled down a little bit. They have left him alone. He has got on with managing his job.