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Fergie: Reds can take on anybody

ALEX Ferguson is basking in the warm glow of Wayne Rooney's genius and right now, he doesn't care which team he comes up against

"With the kind of team I've got, it doesn't matter who we play next," said Fergie after dispatching AC Milan at Old Trafford.

"We beat Milan 4-0 and not many teams have done that. I don't know if anyone has done that. When we play with that tempo, we're difficult to play against. It was a real solid performance," he added, clearly elated by Rooney's contribution.

"The deciding factor was Rooney's goal just after half time. That finished the tie.

"We were able to relax, play good football and keep our concentration after that. Milan had to force it and that made it difficult for them.

"He keeps on improving and he was sensational again. He is still carrying an injury, nothing serious, but with a game on Sunday we wanted him off early.

"His performance was a continuation of his form over the last two or three months, just sensational. I'm very pleased with him.

"What's improved is his movement in the penalty box. He's also practiced a lot more than he has ever done. After training, he puts extra work in and that's what we're seeing now - he's reaping the rewards of that."