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Fergie: No more United slip-ups

ALEX FERGUSON has put his players on notice that slip-ups are not acceptable between now and season's end - beginning tonight in Bilbao.

After a football lesson from Atletico Bilbao at Old Trafford last week, Ferguson is still adamant that Machester United will progress in the Europa Cup. But his mind is clearly on domestic matters.

"We got a break at the weekend and we hope we don't slip up now,' said Ferguson (right). "Hopefully we can get through this game without any more injuries.

"Our run-in on paper looks OK. We will try to win this one, though, there is no question about that. We are banking on our performance being better than it was at Old Trafford and I am sure it will be."

Ferguson has respect for Bilbao and tagged them as a team to watch in the future.

"I think we saw plenty of evidence last week of an emerging young team that has the prospect of doing very well," said Ferguson. "It was an outstanding performance by them."