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A PAIR of Irish football fans had a miracle escape after they fell onto the tracks of the New York Subway.

The pair were on their way home following Ireland's match with Croatia when they fell from the platform at Times Square.

A witness described how two brave strangers jumped onto the tracks to rescue the Irish woman and man.

They fell after "horsing about at the edge of the platform".

Those who were at the scene said that the man with yellow trousers and green jersey (pictured, left) fell onto the rail and the girl in green top and denim shorts fell on her head.

"I was walking along the uptown platform at Times Square last night," Raphael Orlove told website Jalopnik.

"The first thing I see is a couple of people in street clothes lifting a body up from the tracks on the opposite side, then scrambling and jumping up onto the platform itself."

"I ask the shoeless guy what happened and he tells me that he fell onto a rail and that she fell on her head.

"He has a vacant stare and is unbelievably dazed and dirty. His feet are half black with the dirt and he tries to put his flip flops back on."

Mr Orlove said that he was told that two men pulled the Irish fans from the tracks with the help of bystanders.

Paramedics arrived shortly afterwards and the girl was taken for a check up.

The identity of the injured fans or the men who jumped onto the tracks to save them is still unknown.