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Fans' groups slam Scudamore's £5m handshake


Richard Scudamore

Richard Scudamore

Richard Scudamore

Supporters' groups have condemned the £5million farewell to outgoing Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore as "shameful greed".

The Premier League on Thursday agreed to pay Scudamore the leaving gift in recognition of his "outstanding work".

The money will be paid over three years and will depend on the 59-year-old agreeing to a "comprehensive set of non-compete clauses" in terms of the roles he takes on in the future. It will also demand his availability as an adviser to his successor Susanna Dinnage.

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy and West Ham co-owner David Gold were among those to speak publicly in support of the deal, which has been met less than favourably by fans' groups.

Spirit of Shankly, a Liverpool supporters' group, said on its website: "The pay-off to Richard Scudamore is shameful.

"However the Premier League and clubs try to dress up today's decision, most supporters will look at it and think only one thing - greed.

"The initial suggestion that clubs would each put in a quarter of a million pounds was rightly met with derision and anger. Whilst supporters have tribal loyalties, this issue united all in condemnation.

"Those involved in today's decision should spend some time on their journey home quietly reflecting on the damage done. They should hang their heads in shame."

The Football Supporters' Federation voiced its objection to each of the league's 20 clubs contributing £250,000 to Scudamore's 'golden goodbye' yesterday, prior to the Premier League's announcement, urging clubs not to back the "hugely unpopular" deal.

In a statement, the Premier League said the pay-off deal was decided upon by its audit and remuneration committee and "supported and endorsed by the clubs", whose bosses were in London yesterday for a Premier League shareholders' meeting.

The statement added that the farewell bonus was "in recognition of the outstanding work Richard has carried out over the last 19 years" and the league would like to put on record its thanks for his "exceptional contribution to the success of the league".

Before yesterday's meeting, Cardiff were the only club to say they backed the idea of giving Scudamore a leaving bonus but Burnley joined them.

Including bonuses, Scudamore has earned more than £26million for running the Premier League since 1999, and the £5million leaving gift is in addition to his final bonus for negotiating the most recent set of broadcast deals.