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Fahey saw writing on the wall

KEITH FAHEY is bitterly disappointed with Birmingham City's decision not to take up an option on his contract but he saw the writing on the wall long before manager Lee Clark gave him the bad news.

"I expected it was coming because I was watching the television and reading the newspapers, and it was clear what the manager was saying and how the club was going to be, going forward," said Fahey.

"The writing was on the wall and when I went in on Monday and was told, when I got confirmation, I was ready for it and it wasn't a shock. I'm very disappointed, but I can't make the club keep me.

"Basically they couldn't afford to. But it wasn't about money for me, it wasn't me saying 'listen, I want what I am entitled to' because they had an option on me and a reduced contract wasn't offered. It was just a case of the club saying 'sorry, we can't keep you'.

"I'm sad to be leaving because I've had some good times here, and I was settled," he said. "Since I came to the club we've had a promotion, two good years in the Premier League, relegation, a good European cup run and the League Cup Final as well.

"In four-and-a-half years it's been a success for me, anyway, and I think the club has been pretty successful while I've been here. I'm feeling it now because we're not doing quite as well.

"I'm going home and I will keep recovering. I'm not 100 per cent fit yet from injury, so I'll keep working on that and then I'll see what options I have over the summer.

"But I've really enjoyed my time here, I'd just like to thank all the fans and everybody at the club who made me feel welcome."