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Even Bale signing won't clear gloom for Jose at Spurs


Spurs striker Harry kane

Spurs striker Harry kane

Spurs striker Harry kane

One game into the new season and Jose Mourinho is already fighting with people and criticising his players. But can anyone be surprised?

That's what Mourinho has done for the last number of years. He can never accept responsibility for the performances of his teams, it's always the players' fault.

How can Harry Kane be their top scorer when there are no chances being created?

Spurs didn't look like a happy squad to me last season, and already it looks like an unhappy one now, especially when you see the documentary they made. It's at a stage where even signing Gareth Bale might not make a difference.

Everything that Manchester United produced during Mourinho's time there was negative. It was dull, it was uninteresting and you see the same pattern emerging now at Tottenham.

Yes, he was a great manager but he's no longer producing it. He plays a style of football which just doesn't relate to the top six in the Premier League.

It's a low-tempo, no-pressing style. It's all about low blocks, trying to defend, and Spurs - like United were under Jose - are too good a side to play that way, to be that negative.

They are too big a club to play that way, they should be attacking teams. Look at Liverpool beating Leeds 4-3 last week. I can't picture a Mourinho team ever winning 4-3, battling it out in a difficult game as he'd just shut up shop and settle for the draw.

It's not a good look for Spurs. Maybe some signings - including Bale of course - could change things, but I'd be doubtful.

And I doubt the players are happy at being called "lazy". If there is "lazy pressure" in the side, as Jose said there was, that comes from the players not knowing what to do as the manager had not been clear enough in his instructions.

It may look lazy to some, but I think those Spurs players just didn't know what he wanted from them. It won't end well.