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Euros horror haunts Trap

A DEFIANT Giovanni Trapattoni admits that he's still haunted by Ireland's failure at Euro 2012 and says that his mistakes with the team are causing him sleepless nights.

Trap is already back in Italy on a family holiday, but the Irish boss has spoken to the Italian media in the last 24 hours and has made it clear that he plans to rejuvenate his team. In an interview in Italy he claimed that:

3 Irish football is "not at the level of others."

3 He will experiment in the August friendly away to Serbia.

3 His side were overcome with tension in the opening game against Croatia.

And the 73-year-old admitted that his team's early exit at Euro 2012 was preventing him from sleeping.

"I have made some mistakes and I do not sleep at night thinking about them," Trap said.

"The tournament has not been a complete disaster -- it will serve as a great experience for us.

"The European Championships is difficult with a match every four days, but it will serve us well for the World Cup campaign."

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