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English FA pull out of support for Platini


Michel Platini

Michel Platini

Michel Platini

The English Football Association would find it "difficult" to support Michel Platini even if he is cleared by FIFA's ethics committee this week over the £1.3million payment he received from the world governing body.

Platini is to boycott the ethics hearing claiming his fate has already been decided to prevent him running for the FIFA presidency.

FA chief executive Martin Glenn said outstanding questions over the Platini payment - which the suspended UEFA president says was made in 2011 for work carried out more than nine years earlier on the basis of a verbal agreement with Sepp Blatter - would make it difficult to support the Frenchman even if he is cleared of all charges.

Glenn said: "I think Blatter has gone anyway, and from a personal point of view I think that whatever happens to Michel Platini, and I genuinely think that UEFA has been well-run under his watch, we just need someone where there is no doubt.

"FIFA and football need to change and need to be seen to be changing, so I think it would be difficult if that accusation was not totally laid to rest and I think it's quite hard to do that, so I think it would be difficult."

Blatter himself has confirmed that the 2million Swiss franc payment - in addition to Platini's salary which was in a written contract - was not in FIFA's budget but insists it was a legitimate payment based on an agreement he made with Platini in 1998.

"The first part of the payment was in the budget, the second wasn't, but I'm not an accountant for FIFA," he said.

"And whether or not it was in the budget it was a debt that had to be paid."