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Dunne has no issue with Keane and double jobbing


Richard Dunne

Richard Dunne

Richard Dunne

Richard Dunne believes Robbie Keane should be allowed the opportunity to hold down his two jobs, as assistant manager to both Ireland and Middlesbrough, even if there might be a collision course down the line when Stephen Kenny becomes Ireland manager.

"I don't think there's any harm in him doing both," said The Herald columnist, part of the Premier Sports team, who can see his boyhood Tallaght pal managing his country in the future.

"The two jobs will run smoothly side by side. There are a lot of players in the championship who qualify for us who he can keep any eye on at the same time. So I don't see a huge problem. But there's not a clear pathway in terms of Ireland for him. Even the next bit isn't clear.


"I can only assume Robbie signed the contract with the FAI based on the knowledge that Stephen Kenny was going to take over in two years' time.

"That's what he would have agreed to. But circumstances change all the time.

"And he wouldn't have been aware at the time he was going to become assistant manager at Middlesbrough.

"The overall goal for Robbie is to manage Ireland. But there is no rush. Mick McCarthy's agreed to it for the moment and Robbie was granted permission.

"Now down the line, Stephen might have different ideas, Robbie might have different ideas when the time comes as well. It all might become clearer in a while.

"But I don't think Robbie would give up the chance to be part of the Irish coaching staff too easily. If it works for everyone, great. But if he leaves, it would be with a heavy heart."