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Doyle 'up with best in Europe'

WHEN Kevin Doyle gets the big move everyone wants for him, he should hand over a good percentage to his biggest cheerleader, Giovanni Trapattoni.

Doyle is certain to improve his circumstances this summer and will do it with Trapattoni’s endorsement ringing in his ears.

“I have a very high opinion of Kevin. I knew when I came in as manager he was a good young striker. Now, he is not only one of the best in England but also the best in Europe. I think he showed me and you this in this game,” he said, confirming Doyle’s Man of the Match performance against Paraguay at the RDS last night.

“Playing as a striker is difficult. Sometimes they are alone and we always look for a goal from them.

“It’s not always possible to score a goal but, even so, they are important for the team. They take the ball, hold onto it and allow the team to come forward.

“That is a fantastic part of Kevin’s game, he does it very well and he and Robbie Keane complement each other.”

Trap had praise for the rest of his players too: “I reminded the team we are a good side before the match. We watched clips of the games against Italy, France and Brazil. I reminded them that we could be in South Africa.

“I am pleased because the team listened to me and went on to the pitch with this mentality.”