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Doyle: McClean has learned Twitter lesson

IRELAND’S stand-in captain for tonight’s game against Oman, Kevin Doyle, is one of the Irish squad members who has not signed up to Twitter, and last week’s scandal involving James McClean and his controversial tweet backs up his theory that it’s best avoided.

But Doyle, the most senior member of the Irish squad for tonight’s game in Fulham, believes McClean will learn a lesson from the fall-out that came from his outburst.

“We found out about it almost straight away and we said it to him, that it wasn’t acceptable and he knew that,” said Doyle.

“He tried to delete it, he closed down his Twitter account and in the end it’s probably helped to integrate him more into the group because we’ve all been taking the p**s out of him since.

“I think in general it causes more problems than it solves. I don’t think all that many of the lads are on it to be honest and when you’re in a bad mood after a game it would probably be smart to turn off your phone.

“But we’ve got to remember that James has had such a meteoric rise.

“It’s barely six months since he came into the Sunderland squad and now look at him. To deal with all that at his age is difficult but this will help him. It’s not great for him in the short term but in the longer term it might well end up standing to him,” added the Wolves man.