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Dogged Italian digs in his heels and insists result was 'one-off'

GIOVANNI Trapattoni remains convinced that he is the right man to manage Ireland and will resist any attempt to unseat him.

Speculation is already rife about a possible successor with Mick McCarthy, Roy Keane and Brian Kerr's names on most lips, and Harry Redknapp also emerging as a potential recruit.

But Trapattoni is doggedly determined to stick to his guns and will use tomorrow's tussle with the Faroe Islands as a way of re-energising deflated players.

"They were deflated but I told them that when you lose, conceding one goal or six or three it is the same, three points gone. Six goals only changes the psychological situation.

"You remember the team in the last years before me. Steve Staunton's time. Three years ago we had Duff and better players. We changed slowly with new young players and we achieve the good results. But we played against Italy and Spain and it is clear the gap between us.

"Me quit! Why? Friday was a disaster, yes. But in Europe, they say I am doing a good job. Why there is a difference between what I hear in the street and what the media say?

"I think Ireland fans are behind me. Even on Friday, they stayed and supported the team. This is not a crisis. We were missing five players but I am sure we can change the situation. This result was a one-off."

Asked whether he had been in touch with FAI CEO John Delaney about his position at any stage in the last week, he replied in the negative.

"I have not spoken with them except for 'ciao, best regards and no problem, carry on'. Look at what we do. We change the team slowly, slowly. We make a good job with these players coming in.

"We do our job and the fans know what we are doing. Irish people I think are fantastic. When we go in the street they say, well done, good job.

"I think we can qualify. Yes Germany are superior to us. Austria is not easy of course and I know also Sweden. But second place is a reasonable expectation with a new squad and new energy.

"Obviously our performance was inferior from previous performances. Germany were clearly superior, technically and physically. All their players play in the Champions League. Our aim is not Germany, our aim is Sweden and Austria.

"Players will forget quickly. I saw them with a little bit more enthusiasm and they must forget the disappointment, recharge the batteries and focus on the next game against the Faroes tomorrow."