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Deluded Chelsea

ROBERTO DI MATTEO believes that Chelsea are now recognised as a global football superpower but Benfica hitman Oscar Cardozo reckons he’s deluded.

If you look at the last decade of this club, it's become a domestic and international force. It's been always fighting for domestic trophies and titles, and internationally,” said Di Matteo, talking up his team in advance of tonight’s Champions League quarter-final second-leg against Benfica.

However, Cardozo’s most recent experience of Chelsea’s strength left him convinced that they are lucky to carry a goal lead into this leg.

“I don't believe Chelsea were that superior to us in the first leg,” said the Benfica striker. “I think that was a game with a lot of luck for the English. We don't fear playing any of the teams in the Premier League.

“We have already beaten United in the Champions League and they are better than Chelsea. Our challenge is not easy, but it is possible,” he said.

“A lot can happen in 90 minutes and it can all turn very quickly from euphoria to disaster for Chelsea.”