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Darren leaves troubled Donetsk for good

DARREN O'DEA will try and secure a move to England after ending his time in Ukraine by severing his ties with Donetsk.

The 27-year-old joined Metalurh Donetsk on a three-year contract last year but his time in that troubled country is now at an end after the player came to an agreement.

Metalurh are experiencing financial and logistical problems due to the ongoing troubles in Donetsk, with the club forced to play their home games outside of the city. With his family based in Scotland due to security fears and no sign of a resolution to the growing tensions in the region, the Dubliner has decided to leave.

"It was a very simple conversation with the club, they wanted me to stay but I said I needed to leave, I said it was best for me and my family," O'Dea said last night.

"The club have been fantastic to me, I can't fault them. I can't speak highly enough of the people who run the club. But I can't stay on with the way things are. If we were told that the situation would last for six or eight weeks you could accept it and do it but no one knows how long this crisis will go on, it could go on for months or years."