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Dalglish: We must get real

NEW Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish has told Reds fans to get real about the club's desperate plight and stop dreaming.

The Scot was formally unveiled as Liverpool boss yesterday but there's no time for the club legend to enjoy his coronation as the Reds face a very tricky game against Blackpool tomorrow night -- Blackpool have already beaten Liverpool this season -- before a very tough Merseyside derby at home to Everton on Sunday.

Dalglish knows that the Reds are only four points above the relegation zone so the next week will be a very important one for the Anfield side.

"We've got to manage expectations. At the moment, it's a wee bit romantic, to be honest," Dalglish said in a message to supporters.


"The romance is brilliant, it's romantic for me to be back, and the supporters as well, but at the end of day, this game is not built on romance, but hard facts, and the hard facts are we've got to start winning games.

"Once we get the romantics out the road, we can get to work and we can see where we can go from there."

Former Liverpool star Michael Owen said what most Pool fans think when he stated that Liverpool are "very reliant on a couple of star players" and struggle when those players are out, but it's not yet clear if Dalglish will be able to spend money in the January transfer window.

"We don't know if we will bring players in. We have been working but January is a difficult market," said the club's director of football strategy Damien Comolli.