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D-day for Tevez as City play hardball

MANCHESTER City were expecting Carlos Tevez to report back to the club today.

The striker flew home to Argentina to visit his family last week, apparently without permission from City.

City then confirmed they had given the 27-year-old until today to return.

Representatives for Tevez had no comment to make on the matter last night. Reports Tevez had returned to Argentina began to emerge last Wednesday after he was pictured back in the country.

That was a day after it transpired that the striker would not be appealing against against a club fine for misconduct.

City had found Tevez guilty of refusing to play -- one of five breaches of contract -- during the Champions League loss at Bayern Munich on September 27.

He was initially fined four weeks' wages but that was halved following intervention by the Professional Footballers' Association.

Tevez flew out to Argentina last Monday night, ahead of what was a scheduled day off on Tuesday. PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor -- who represented the Argentinian at his hearing -- expressed disappointment at this when, Taylor understood, Tevez was "clearly told not to".

Tevez's representatives did say, however, that the player had attempted to contact manager Roberto Mancini several times before travelling but had been unsuccessful.

Tevez has not played for City since the infamous game at the Allianz Arena, after which Mancini claimed the player was "finished" at the club.

He was suspended for two weeks while an investigation was conducted.