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'Croatia loss behind us'

IRELAND defender Stephen Ward insists that the Irish panel have put Sunday's defeat to Croatia in the past and are just focused on the task of beating Spain.

"We have all recovered from the Croatia game on Sunday so now we're just waiting to get going with this Spain match," says Ward.

"A lot has been made of our performance against Croatia but I think we did alright in the game.

"A lot of luck went Croatia's way and not ours, refereeing decisions that could have gone our way didn't go for us, and things like that can change a game, which happened on the night.

"For their second goal, it should have been a free out, their player clipped me and even before that he was offside so it should have been a free for that.

"A few things were missed on the night and I don't know what the point is of having a fourth official behind the goal if they're going to miss that."