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Crazy call on Balotelli will cost Mancini title - and job

WHEN Roberto Mancini all but acknowledges the fact that Mario Balotelli has holed Manchester City below the waterline, it seems pointless to repeat what has been obvious for a month.

Balotelli is a loose cannon of the worst variety and even if it is too late to have any impact on Manchester City's title hopes, Mancini should simply tell him his season is over.

Everything Mancini built in the first half of the season has come down around his ears and it is happening because he made a judgement call on Balotelli, which was the wrong one.

Balotelli's disciplinary tight-rope walk against Arsenal was ridiculous and his red card inevitable.

The consequences of his irrational behaviour will be very harsh for Mancini.

I can't see a way back for Manchester City now. Alex Ferguson will not allow his players to lose three games with the finishing line in sight - and that is what must happen if Mancini is to save his job.