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Collins mulls legal battle over charge

RODDY COLLINS was today set to consider his options -- including a possible legal challenge -- after his appeal against an FAI charge was rejected.

Collins was handed a six-match touchline ban and a €1,000 fine over comments he made in July, as he was deemed to be "publically critical and disparaging to the FAI".

Collins appealed the decision and, after a meeting of the FAI's independent appeals committee last night, his appeal was thrown out and Collins was found to be "in breach of FAI rule 94, Disparaging Comments".

There was a minor victory for the Monaghan United boss, however, as his fine was reduced to €500 and his suspension was removed, but Collins will now decide whether to accept that punishment or to take further steps.

"The expression of unsubstantiated allegations and disparaging comments made by a person bound by its rules left the Association with no alternative but to take action to protect the reputation of the sport in general," the FAI said in a statement.