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Coleman in line for award: Moyes

EVERTON boss David Moyes believes that Ireland star Séamus Coleman is in contention for young player of the year in the Premier League this season.

Coleman, who is in the Ireland squad for Saturday's Euro 2012 qualifier with Macedonia but is not expected to start despite scoring six goals for the Toffees this season, has blossomed in the Everton side and Moyes wants that form to be recognised in the end-of-season awards.

"The level of where he has come from means he must be close to young player of the year," said Moyes.

"He was sixty grand and one of the scouts picked him out from Ireland and he has come here. He's done a brilliant job for us.

"He's been up and down but he's going to be up and down but you don't find an absolute diamond for that money. It's very rare that happens so there will be times when he doesn't look completely comfortable.

"One of his biggest strengths is his inhibitions carrying the ball and we say 'why don't you run at people'. And you won't get him to be the best passer and keeper of the ball, but he's given us something else and coming from deep will help him improve as a defender in years to come," added Moyes.

"He's had no real footballing experience at this level, or any level at all, any very little full-time training and very little technical work so we hope there is going to be more improvement.

"He's a right-back playing one on and he might be better one on; we don't know yet.

"We didn't manage him to play so many games this season so he is well ahead of where we expected. I've done very little coaching with him and positional play because we want him to improve his crossing and deliveries and getting on the ball.

"We don't want to tell him other things. When he goes back into the back four then there will be work to do in his positional sense and a bit more on defending."