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City lawyer says club could sue Tevez

MANCHESTER City could sue Carlos Tevez for any drop in his transfer value as a result of his alleged refusal to play for the club, according to an expert in employment law.

The 27-year-old's behaviour could see City struggle to get their £40million asking price for the Argentine.

However, leading employment lawyer Howard Hymanson, head of the employment practice at Harbottle & Lewis, claimed the club could make up any shortfall by suing the player for damages.

Hymanson said: "If the club retains Mr Tevez's services and looks to ship him out in the January transfer market, they face the likelihood of receiving a significantly reduced transfer fee because of the player's general conduct and overwhelming desire to be away from the club.

"Keeping Tevez, therefore, will mean that the club will, in any event, take a significant loss from what they may regard as being his true value.

"However, it may be that the club choose to make an example of Tevez and dismiss him for gross misconduct and sue him in damages for the losses which they would sustain.

"Arguably, these losses are a foreseeable result of his alleged refusal to play, if that was the case."