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City driven nutty as United's taunting banner ticks on

Manchester City CEO Garry Cook has hinted at the club's ever-increasing rivalry with Manchester United by admitting in the documentary Blue Moon Rising that Old Trafford's banner taunting City for their failure to win a trophy in almost 34 years "drives us nuts".

The fly-on-the-wall documentary is a feature-length production by Endemol, the creators of Big Brother, chronicling City's 2009-10 campaign.

Viewed through the eyes of five City supporters, who club together to spend £650 on a battered Renault Espace called 'Helios' to travel up and down the country as they follow the team, the film also provides exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and frank interviews with senior City figures.

Cook's admission that the goading of United supporters -- in particular about the number of years since City last won a trophy in 1976 -- is a source of irritation, encapsulates the club's determination to usurp their great rivals.

Cook said: "There is a banner at Old Trafford which reads 33 and a half years and it is ticking towards 34, the number of years without a trophy here. It drives us nuts."

The film weaves through last season, with chairman Khaldoon al-Mubarak admitting that the sacking of manager Mark Hughes in December was justified by the appointment of a "winner" in Roberto Mancini.

However, always at the core of the documentary are City's thirst for success and the lingering red shadow of United.