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Cherrie feels for the Bray players as their wages are their 'bread and butter'


Former Bray Wanderers player Peter Cherrie

Former Bray Wanderers player Peter Cherrie

Former Bray Wanderers player Peter Cherrie

For former Bray Wanderers player Peter Cherrie, it's no surprise that the club are in the middle of a financial crisis which leaves it's very existence in question.

"I was there, I went through the exact same thing with the club, I stood by them, as did the other players, but I don't know what those (current) players will do now," says Cherrie of the situation at the Carlisle Grounds.

"My heart goes out to them, football wages are the bread and butter for a lot of those players and they need their wages."

Cherrie was this week playing on the Champions League stage, starting in both legs for Cork City in their 4-0 aggregate defeat to Legia Warsaw.


But 12 months ago, the Scottish keeper was one of the Bray players in the midst of the first signs of crisis, so he has empathy for the current crop of players.

"The same thing happened last year, the club announced at half-time in a game against Dundalk that they had issues and the players could leave. They made that public during a game we were playing in and we only found out after the match," he told The Herald.

"The players stuck together and dealt with it and we did get our wages, to be fair to the club, but now it's more serious. The players haven't been paid in weeks and that can't go on.

"It doesn't matter if the players there are my mates or not, I'd feel for any player in that situation. It's a shame that it happens and it goes on in this league.

"I don't know how they can sustain that on the crowds they get and it's a shame to see that happen in the Premier Division in Ireland."

The Bray squad are planning to play in tomorrow's game away to Bohemians. They trained on Tuesday night, having gone for a week without training, and plan another session tonight, though manager Martin Russell is not overseeing training, this week's sessions led by two officials from the PFAI.

However it's highly unlikely that their subsequent game, at home to Cork City on Friday week, will go ahead. The players, upset at the non-payment of wages for two months now, have served strike notice on the club and do not intend to play the game, Bray facing more FAI sanctions over the weekend as wages have still not been paid.

Meanwhile, the exodus from the league's other crisis club, Limerick, continues with defender Tony Whitehead leaving after a six-year spell with the Blues. Limerick confirmed on Tuesday that wages had been brought up to date.