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Celts moving to capture Kilbane

Stephen McManus and Danny Fox are the latest players on the move from Celtic opening the door for a move for Kevin Kilbane.

Gordon Strachan is expected to take McManus on loan to Middlesbrough with Fox discussing a £2m switch to Burnley. The departure of Fox is a major surprise after he joined Celtic from Coventry for £1.5m in July.

If that deal goes through it leaves Celtic short on the left-hand side with Mowbray interested in securing Kilbane. A nominal transfer fee would be involved with the Celtic boss impressed by Kilbane's experience and versatility.

The player has never hidden his love for Celtic and after a friendly with Sunderland admitted that he had once paid to go on a tour of Celtic Park.

Celtic have been the busiest club in Britain during the transfer window with four players sold and three brought in.

Mowbray resisted making major surgery when he replaced Strachan but has been unhappy with his squad for some time and admitted in October that in an ideal world he'd bring in 10 new faces during the January transfer window. Comments like that alienated the dressing room with Chris Killen saying as much when he joined Middlesbrough alongside Willo Flood and Barry Robson.

The striker said: "I guess when the new manager comes in and starts telling people he wants to bring in 10 new players in the next transfer window, well, then the writing is on the wall.

"I think what he said did upset a lot of the players, if we're being honest about it. And yes, the feeling at the training ground lately has been a bit confused.


"But that's fine. We are all professional football players and we realise that this is what happens when a new man takes over.

"He comes with his own ideas and his own plans for the club. He wants to bring in his own men and that's his prerogative.

"Maybe he was trying to ruffle a few feathers by saying what he said. Maybe he was looking to get a positive response out of the guys who were there. Sometimes a manager needs to say certain things in order to get a reaction and maybe that's what he was trying to do."