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Cellino's in the clear to watch Leeds





Massimo Cellino has been given permission by the Football League to attend Leeds' final game of the season at Elland Road against Rotherham.

Cellino's ban from having any executive influence at Leeds does not expire until May 3, the day after the Rotherham game, but the club's request for the Italian to watch the match has been granted.

The Football League confirmed that they had authorised Cellino to attend as long as he does so as a spectator and does not "fulfill any role that would lead to him being defined as a relevant person under League regulations".

It is unclear however, whether Cellino, 58, will return to Elland Road for the first time since resigning as club president on January 23 to watch the game or attend the club's annual awards ceremony on Saturday night, for which he has also been given permission.

When asked if he would be at the game, 58-year-old said: "I don't know. I haven't decided.

"The Football League say I'm allowed to go but I don't know what I'll do.

"I need a clear head and I need to start again with everything next week. I'm not decided."

Cellino lost his appeal against the League's decision to disqualify him as club owner in January following his conviction for tax evasion in Italy.

The League ruled Cellino had failed its owners and directors test after he had been found guilty of failing to pay import tax on his yacht. ellino's ban was initially until April 10 but was extended until May 3.