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Catch us if you can

CARLO Ancelotti woke up this morning wearing a huge grin, happy in the knowledge that he can rule the Premier League for years to come and establish a dynasty which will eclipse even Jose Mourinho's time at Stamford Bridge.

While all around him rivals flounder in a sea of debt and in-fighting, Ancelotti is sitting pretty with the best squad in the Premier League and an owner who will give him whatever he needs to keep it that way.

Up in Manchester, Alex Ferguson is facing into a summer with many questions about Manchester United's finances hanging in the air and new talent desperately needed to rebuild his squad.

Likewise Arsene Wenger, who must spend big in the summer or lose further ground on Chelsea while Liverpool stand on the brink of meltdown.

"I think that this club will have a future because these players are not so old and we have a very good squad, for next year and the years after," said a delighted Ancelotti.

"We had a fantastic season, not only by winning the Premier League but because we showed a good style on the pitch. After the first year, I hope to stay here a long time and win a lot of titles."

Ferguson was quick to congratulate Ancelotti and made all the right nosies about winning back the Premier League title after missing out on the four-in-a-row.

"Next year hopefully we can bring back the title to the best place in the world," said Ferguson. "But now we must congratulate Carlo Ancelotti and his Chelsea team."

Ferguson must find some serious money to fill in gaps in his squad but the job he must do this summer pales into insignificance beside the problems which must be resolved at Anfield.

Rafa Benitez is now marooned at Anfield and may well find that his best players, Steven Gerrard and Fenrnado Torres, are sold from under him to pay some bills. "I would like to stay if everything is fine," said Benitez. "And if I stay I am not thinking about selling Gerrard and Torres."